Saturday, September 17, 2011

Top 10 Beauty Tips

top 10 beauty myths out there which should help you get a better idea of what’s true and what isn’t.

This actually does work, but it comes with a price. While lemons do help you get lighter locks, they don’t really work on your teeth since the citric acid in lemons wears away enamel. Save the lemons for the lemonade and instead brush your teeth with water and baking soda a couple times a week to get those pearly whites at home.
Not true. It is not the artificial nail or the glue that ultimately causes nail damage, but improper removal—such as picking or prying off. So if you just take care of your nails and remove them properly, there will be absolutely no damage to your nails.

Who came up with that? Either way, it’s not true. Although laser hair removal does work better for darker hair, lighter does works just as fine. With lighter hair, you’ll see about 70-80% removal of the hair. So just go one extra time and you’ll be fine!

Wrong again. Your hair will grow at the same speed with or without a haircut. But regular haircuts will help improve the overall health of your hair as well as getting rid of those pesky split ends.
Another stupid myth made up by guys who like big-chested girls. There are so many different types of lingerie out there made for every body, including petite. So next time you wanna surprise your man but you think you won’t be able to pull it off, just go out and find a nice up-lifting water bra and it’ll do the job!
Although breakouts are associated with oily skin, that is not always the cause. In most cases, breakouts happen because the skin is so sensitive that you might be using the wrong products, therefore causing more pimples. So if you have oily skin and you’ve tried everything, try sensitive formulas and you’ll start seeing some change.
Whoever made that up is seriously disturbed because organic beauty products are the best you can get! They’re skin friendly so they won’t clog your pores and they protect your skin from all the harmful pollutants out there. Plus, you don’t get all the chemicals so organic beauty products is really the way to go.
If there is one thing I always hear from my girlfriends is that ‘I can’t wear THAT color!’, which is absolutely ridiculous. The one thing you have to pay special attention to is the shades of the color as well as the undertones. So while a hot, fiery red might not suit your complexion, a toned-down version might do you wonders!
So not true. Copper, not chlorine, will turn your hair green. If a pool is not properly maintained and cleaned regulary, it can have copper residue which in turn could turn your hair a greenish color. Now this is mostly for blondes since their pigment is so light, but all you have to do is switch to a low pH shampoo which will help combat against greening.
Very untrue. Most people that hair spider veins or vericosse veins have them because either their mother or grandmother had them. It’s all in the genes!


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